Monday, February 25, 2013

New story: Christmas in Space

My short story Christmas in Space is now out in issue 17 of Silver Blade, an online science fiction and fantasy magazine.
I love how they illustrate their stories!

This one is basically what it says on the tin (as was the previous one now I think about it, maybe I need to work on more imaginative titles?), in that it's a now slightly unseasonal Christmas story. In space.

It's just a little idea that occurred to me on my commute one evening, crammed on a Tube train full of Christmas shoppers, thinking about the upcoming solstice and what, if anything, it means. I guess I wanted to say something about solitude and isolation (also becoming a bit of a theme for me!), but this time looking at a situation where two people are trapped in that isolation together.

This is also a bit of an experiment with point-of-view, an attempt to use first-person present-tense to put the reader in the narrator's shoes rather than for them to feel they're having the events related to them by the 'I' of the story.

In other writing news, my first story 'The Princess in the Tower' won the Aoife's Kiss competition, which means it will be re-published in their Wondrous Web Worlds 11 anthology, probably next year at some unspecified time. With all the changes going on at Sam's Dot Publishing recently, it's difficult to predict!